About us

Breeding Cooperative Impuls is a coop based company, established and owned by Czech Fleckvieh Farmers. The company was founded in 2001 to provide members with the best Fleckvieh genetics.


AI centre opened in 2005 can hold 100 bulls. Yearly production is 200 000 insemination doses.

Beginning of 2016 there were 90 members in the coop with a total of 40 000 cows.



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Chovatelské družstvo Impuls, družstvo
Bohdalec 122, 592 55 Bobrová, Czech republic
IČO: 26243601, DIČ: CZ26243601, e-mail: info@chdimpuls.cz, web: www.chdimpuls.cz, fax: 226 015 139